Who Are We? At The Distinct Ink, we suffer from an identity crisis; someone forgot to tell us, we are not an advertising agency. Therefore, we take the creative approach to everything we do. We’ve been known to write inspiring or funny comments on each other’s glass office windows or even enjoy a bottle of wine during a strategic planning session. We guarantee you won’t get the same pale, male and stale; unless you really, really pushed for it. WE DRESS THE PART. WE ACT THE PART. WE ARE YOUR BRANDING AGENCY.

Our Brand Promise. We make our clients UNFORGETTABLE through their apparel and promotional selections.

How Do We Accomplish This?

  • We hold annual strategic planning sessions with our clients
  • We become an extension of your business
  • We are committed to always be there
  • Consider us to be your personal branding problem solver
  • We offer 24 hour solutions
  • We’re involved our community
  • From 1 item to 10,000+ items; we take care of it all